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i’m curious...

...how exactly will those TV Muslims in Dearborn institute Sharia Law in the U.S? There are really only three ways they can accomplish the aim of their stealth jihad.

One way would be to convince American voters to elect Sharia-endorsing senators and representatives until they achieve a majority in both houses of Congress—in fact a 60% supermajority in the Senate, because that’s what it takes to bring anything to a vote these days. Congress could then pass the whole Sharia shebang into law. Of course they would need to elect a president who would not veto the legislation (unless they can get this done before our current secret Muslim president leaves office), and take their chances in the Supreme Court, which might indeed uphold the constitutionality of flogging as punishment for driving while female or of stoning-to-death for homosexuality. Surely you can see how that kind of strictness would appeal to Scalia, Alito, Roberts, and Thomas at least.

The second way to institute Sharia would be violently to overthrow the most powerful and heavily armed government in the history of the world, overcoming all resistance by sheer force of numbers and the huge cache of Weapons of Mass Destruction that the Muslims have hidden in abandoned libraries and theaters in Detroit. 

The third way is, of course, to simply wait, while politicians and their useful idiots dismantle our constitutional principles and civil liberties, eventually leading to the collapse of constitutional government in the U.S. Then anything goes, and if the Sharia contingent is the most organized and determined, they'll get their way. They'll have to defeat the Wall Street feudalists, though, so it won't be easy.