fuck you ruth marcus
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 9:20AM
Michael Patterson

As the entire internet has by now noticed, Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post heard that a high-school kid sassed a Republican governor on Twitter; that the governor's staff, which apparently spends considerable time searching the social media for unfavorable references to said governor, proceeded to contact her school's administration and complain; and that said administration then called the kid on the carpet and demanded that she apologize in writing to the governor.

Three people:  a kid who doesn't like  her governor, a governor who uses his office to hassle kids who don't like him, and a school principal who thinks it's his job to protect the governor's ego. 

Three issues: a teenager’s “bad” manners, unconstitutional misuse of the powers of public office, and narrow minded authoritarianism on the part of school administrators. Which of these strikes Marcus as worthy of a nationally syndicated rant? Right.

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