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package design update

Almost two years ago, I posted an account of the process of creating designs for a new line of frozen foods called Good Food Made Simple®. Most prepared convenience foods are junk, with way too much fat and sugar and salt and long lists of preservatives and colors and such. But GFMS products are to be “made from ingredients you can understand”—my client is betting that people who won't eat junk food will still appreciate convenience, or maybe that people who want convenience will appreciate the better quality.  I think this is a good bet. The first product was prepared frozen steel cut oatmeal.

The product was just trickling into retailers when disaster struck: the contract manufacturer who was actually making the stuff went belly-up. My client, who’s had more than their share of this sort of bad luck, remained convinced they have a good concept, and went looking for another manufacturer. Fortunately they found one, but the new factory’s production line could not be adapted to the same shape of frozen oatmeal “pucks,” so the packaging had to be redesigned to fit the new shape. Those are some of the new packages in the photo at the top of the post.

I've learned that it can take real determination and persistance to get a new product onto the market.

In the meantime, new products have been developed for the line. There are now four flavors of oatmeal in retail 2-packs, two flavors in club store 8-packs, and egg patties, both whole egg and whites only. Hot cereal blends with ancient grains like quinoa and farro are coming soon, as well as breakfast burritos, a couscous/quinoa side dish, potstickers, and more. The oatmeal is doing quite well in the first Costco region to take it on (in Texas—go figure) and is coming soon to Hannaford stores in my own area. 

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