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stirring in my sleep

This hosting service costs me an annual fee, and despite the passage of a year and a half since I last posted, I have ponied up the money—somehow unwilling to let it go. I just now came back here to read over old posts.  Some of them I barely remember, while others seem to me as if I wrote them only days ago. A few make me proud that I wrote them. A few more are downright embarassing. Will I start posting again? I’m not sure, but if I do my focus will be different. In the first go-round, I wrote about news and politics, along with bits and pieces about design, old ads, and life in my corner of Vermont. I was trying hard to post regularly, in the hope of developing an audience, something I manifestly failed to do. If I start up again, it will be irregular and personal, and I'm not going to worry about whether anyone reads it.

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